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sexy by f-loof


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Hello everypony! :iconfriendlymushroomplz:
First of all, thanks for reading my Bio. :)

About me:
My name is ~Christian and I'm kinda new here in the brony community.
The hardest thing to explain about myself is my personality. I'm a bit shy and afraid of being rude and I love every funny things. I like eating and sleeping, drawing and playing on my guitar :) . I'm trying to do Garry's mod / SFM arts but I'm really new in there.



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When somebody says: "I like your art"



Hello whoever reading this journal! :D

The last some days, my page view and watch rate is unbeliveably increased, and I'm so happy  Squee Bounce 

Some infos!

I'm not making drawings because I'm working on my second chapter of Story of the Super Ponies.  Squee! 

I'm also writing the 3rd chapter of it and planning the fourth, so yeah if you like the series let me know what you would like to see in the future and don't be afraid to write some constructive criticism ;)

                                                                                               Take care,
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Hey Nerdy!
Hello everyone ^^ :D

(There :iconngkq: :P Their adult version :D)

I think you remember Lightning's foals named Thunder Arc and Star Dancer.


[ Story Time ]


Star: Hey, nerdy guess what I saw.

Thunder: Star, you should know that. Nopony understands my sorrow.

Star: I have no idea what you're talking about. Teehee. Anyways....

*Thunder Arc facehoof* 

Star: I saw a cute couple and the colt looked similar to you.

*Thunder blushes* W-What?

Star: You know. Kissy kissy. What is her name though? Hmm... Sweet Cake if I know well.


Star: You're right ;) *quickly runs away*

*Thunder runs after him*
You'd better not tell that to mum.

Oh I almost forgot. :iconmrreeze: there's my little fighter :3 (Thunder Arc)
Mum's Little Daughter
Hello everyone :DUndertale Sans Brows Emoji 

Thanks for my friend :iconpastel-pocky: for the base and Happy Birthday Pocky :D 


Story Time ]


Star Dancer: Look Mom, I did it! I levitated that book.

Moon Dancer: *caresses her chin* Aww Sweetie, great work. You're obviously a gifted unicorn.

Star Dancer: *chuckles* Thanks. Can I eat something now?

Moon Dancer: W-What? But you just started to study...

Star Dancer: Yeah-yeah, but I'm hungry. *grin*

Moon Dancer: Ahh... okay.  (Thinks: Yep. She inherited this from Lightning.)

Lightning: *brings corndogs* Hey, how's the two best mare in my life? Ta-daaa! I brought corndogs!

Star Dancer: Yay Daddy!! Yay corndogs, can I have one??? *puppy eyes* PLEASEEE.

Lightning: (Thinks: Oh no! That face again! I can't resist her puppy eyes.) Okay-okay.

Moon Dancer: *rolls eyes* Can I have another one Lighty? *grin*

Lightning: Yeah, of course Dancy. *gives her the package*

Star and Moon Dancer: Thank you! *Both start eating*

Lightning: *looks into the package* Uh... I brought only two. *sad violin sound*

Moon Dancer (whispers): Hey Star! Look at your dad's face. *chuckle*

Star Dancer: *chuckles*
Cosplay Family
Hi everyone :D

I had an idea about cosplaying and this popped into my head so I made this :D

Star Dancer - Horsehead
Lightning - Kimblee from FMA: Brotherhood
Moon Dancer - Blair from Soul Eater
Thunder Arc - Goku from Dragon Ball Super


[ Story Time ]


Lightning: Look at me guys. Who am I , Huh??

Moon Dancer: Al Capone?

*Lightning GIF My Little Pony - Facehoof *

Thunder Arc:
Why is my hair look like carrot leaves?

Star Dancer: Hmm hm H hm Hhm? (How do I look dad?)

Lightning: What..? 


Ningén cosplay
Lazy Thunder
Hello everyone :D

Sorry for being inactive for a while but I've had plenty of work to do there. I also started working on my new comic series of Story of the Super Ponies.

But there's a cute little art for you.


[ Story Time ]


*They both land on the ground heavily*

Lightning: Phew. That was a good practice. Let's do some more and we can call it a day.

*Thunder Arc lies on the ground* Uhm.. Dad. Can't we just skip today's training? I'm not feeling that "trainy" excitement today.

Lightning: Say WHAAAT?? PewDiePie - Wat  What's gotten into you Thunder? You always wanted to learn something new.

Thunder: Yea-yea. B-But I have a date with Sweet Cake today.

Lightning: Daaayum son. Somepony has a cru-ush. HA HA!

*Thunder blushes* D-Dad. Stop. Please!

*Lightning hits his back* Oookay. C'mon Thunder, you got this!

*Thunder blushes more*


New ship intensifies Bad Spoop 

Hey, :iconmrreeze: ! Help me with this boii.


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